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"Hi Amy
I just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for all your efforts at producing these emails and mags! I always read them and it means my kids get out and about to some great events. You really are providing us mums with a wonderful source of inspiration!
Just thought a word of thanks was in order!
Best Regards, Ali Ward"
Received by email – Aug08

"This Magazine is really good. We regularly advertise in Family Manx Magazine and we find that it targets our customers well, as it is aimed for families with children in primary school. I also enjoy looking through the magazine as it has very interesting features. Also, its a refreshing change not to have hard sell, Amy is a very friendly person who pops in from time to time to chat and have a brew. I hope this magazine keeps going from strength to strength"
Lori Bates – Gamesmaster, Ramsey.

"I have used Family Manx magazine to advertise Peel Footlights for the past few months and throughout Amy has been exceptionally helpful and friendly. She has shown enormous patience while I take time to get the artwork right and is flexible when I make mistakes. Dealing with Amy is like talking to a friend, rather than an officious mystery person at the end of a telephone line."e;
By Christina Kemp of Peel Footlights Youth Theatre.

"I have been advertising my dance school, Gena's Dance Academy, with the Family Manx Magazine since mid 2007. I realised it was the most affordable way of advertising and was extremely impressed that the majority of school and pre-school children receive one - meaning near enough every parent had a copy at home! I have watched my dance school grow - we now have over 80 pupils! A HUGE thank you goes to Amy for all her hard work. I highly recommend advertising with the Family Manx Magazine!
By Gena Walker - Gena's Dance Academy, Kirk Michael

I’ve enjoyed reading Family Manx Magazine which is distributed at my children’s school. It has interesting articles and is great for information regarding events and activities. Great idea for family’s in the Isle of Man.
By Nicky O, Braddan, Isle of Man

"People are finding out about us from your mag. One stallholder had forgotten I'd included them in the last article until a customer told him she'd seen the piece about them - they got a decent sale out of it! Regards"e;,
Sheila Gawne, Chairperson Isle of Man Farmers Markets.

"We recently opened Memory Lane Sweet Shop in Arbory Street, Castletown, and the only place we have advertised is in Family Manx Magazine, The response from people all over the Island has been and is tremendous. We must thank Amy Maguire for her splendid publication. Out of town customers have said they first learned about us in the magazine and they had come to have a look for themselves. Amy has done a splendid job with her magazine, breaking new ground with each issue! Well done, keep up the good work and thank you once again."e;
By Adrienne Weir (Memory Lane Sweet Shop).

'Family Manx' - a magazine whose readership are the very people we try to inform about our activities!
Through 'Family Manx' we have successfully attracted families island-wide to suchevents as the scarecrow festival and a 'snowman' craft session.
As many of our events are organised specifically for children , 'Family Manx' is the ideal medium in which to advertise.
In 2008 we will be sending 'Family Manx' details of all our family events - a nautical weekend, Easter fun in the orchard, a car treasure hunt, a family barn dance and the half term craft sessions.
By Ruth Gorry (on behalf of Sulby Methodist Church)

"As a new business on the island, we have advertised on a number of occasions in Family Manx Magazine and it has generated many enquiries for us. The advertising rates are very reasonable and the magazine is ideal for businesses looking to target families. We will continue to use Family Manx Magazine and we can wholeheartedly recommend it to other businesses. Many thanks, Amy, for all your efforts."e;
By Mark Bates , Gamesmaster , Ramsey

"I truly think thank God for this new magazine, I will be taking out an advert with Family Manx Magazine very soon in order to support it further. I can only say marvellous things about Amy. She is friendly, professional and a very informative person and the magazine certainly shows that too. Many thanks and keep going!!"e;
By M.Gogan, Douglas. (Cambridge Health and Weightloss Consultant).

"As a mother of two under 3's who is quite new to the Island, I have enjoyed reading Family Manx. It has been useful for finding out about events and activities for the children. I would urge families who read the magazine to contribute and share as much information as they can about what is happening in their area and any tips and advice they may have for other parents and families."e;
By V.McKeirnan,Ramsey.

"As the Grandma of a 5- and a 3-year old, I just want to let you know what a fantastic idea I think this is. Well done and may you go from strength to strength!!!"e;
By J.Cowan (DTL), Douglas

"For the coverage we received in Family Manx we were very pleased. For families, it is a great magazine to read and for businesses advertising, it reaches a demographic that few other sources of advertising reach."e;
By Robin P – Orthocare

Have placed an advert and written an article for the magazine and have subsequently gained new clients from these. The magazine is a wonderful idea for the Island. It is great for families to keep up to date with what’s on and new articles. Well done Amy for bringing this magazine to the Island!
By Rosie O – FitnessthruLife

"I've been away and only just seen the magazine. I think it's fabulous! - front cover instant appeal through use of light summery colours
- just a flick through reveals a 'local' feel
- great mix of articles and ads
- great mix of advice, food for thought and info
- the sort of magazine that you keep and dip into regularly. 

By S.Caley – formerly of the Isle of Man Childrens’ Centre.