.....and then we were SEVEN!!!

It is great to be able to say another Happy Birthday to Family Manx Magazine. We are 7 years old and if you take a look inside ... you will see the enormous amount of amazing clubs that go on, in and around this wonderful island of ours. There can never be a dull moment in your or your child’s life as you peruse the vast array of activities that you can attend ... and we at Family Manx do hope that you enjoy the magazine contents as well as the activities. Inside this issue you will find out more from St John Ambulance on CPR (this time) in their series; we have a new blog entitled ‘Musings of a Manx Mother’ which we hope you will enjoy; DASH give more advice on how to help support our children in today’s world with the ever present ‘drugs’ that are out there; Adrienne Burnett (Head at Ballakermeen) writes about the ‘Transitions’ that our children go through and how to support them; and as always there are bits and snippets of News from all sorts of people wishing to reach you. So sit, have a cuppa and REMEMBER ...this magazine is for YOU!!